Non-surgical chin augmentation

Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation

Non-surgical chin augmentation
Chin augmentation can be used to enhance the contours, shape and balance of the face by increasing the projection of the chin and strengthening the jawline.

At ‘We Do Aesthetics’ we use dermal filler. The fillers are temporary with varying results, lasting between 10-12 months.

Recommended techniques and procedures for correction of the chin

It is recommended to inject a multiple bolus of the soft tissue filler in the area by a tiny needle in the areas near the tuberculum mentalis, in each lateral site. This bolus is then massaged in order to evenly distribute the product over the selected area. If the outcome is not achieved after one injection, then a second bolus (50% less volume than the initial injection volume), will be injected again in the same area.

The entire procedure including consultation and assessment takes about 45 minutes. After the procedure, clients may leave and return to their normal daily activities. There are no bandages required and no rest is needed. 

Chin augmentation without surgery is not at all invasive. There are no significant side effects or potential risks associated with this procedure. There may be minimal swelling and soreness after the treatment however these will not last long at all.

This treatment is not recommended for clients who are pregnant or breast feeding.
(to be discussed in your consultation). 

Chin Augmentation Before & After

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