Price List

London bookings subject to £20 charge on top of prices quoted.

Dermal filler using Revolax

Revolax fillers are used for all treatments. Juverderm or any other filler can be ordered in on request (please note this will alter the price of treatment depending on desired filler).

Lip Enhancement

Cheek / Chin and Jaw Augmentation

Tear Trough ( under eye filler ) - £180

Surgical Nose Job (bridge and tip, includes top up) - £160

BBL Bum Filler

Skin Booster Profhilo - £220

Anti Wrinkle Treatment 

*£20 extra for male anti-wrinkle treatment as muscles are stronger

Glycolic Acid Peels

Micro-needling for Scars / Stretch Marks and Dark Blemishes

*packages available

£65 per session (including numbing)

Hyaluronic acid mesotherapy facial- (1hr 15mins)

Promotes skin rejuvenation by increasing both hydration and fibroblast activation (this in turn increases the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid).


Vitamin C Mesotherapy treatment deep facial- (1hr 15mins)

Revitalizing & Anti-Oxidant Solution , improves elasticity and radiance of skin and increases collagen synthesis.


*great gift for loved ones

PDO Threads (mono/COG) for collagen production.

Fat Dissolving starting at £99

* Other prices available on request